Black and White

Black and White
Night and day, but where’s the grey?
Can I not just be judged by what I have to say?
People take one look and start to categorize
I can see it from the look in their eyes
“What are you,” they ask
As is I’m a different species or something out of a test lab flask
“Black and White” is what I say
And a light clicks in their eyes like night and day
The questions start to pour in
Do you like rap music or county; Jordans or Vans
I look at them and wonder why they ask because the answers won’t tell them who I really am
But I answer, “I like both, I am both”
And they look at me with puzzled faces as if I have to pick only one of my two races.
But I don’t
I am proud to have a white mother, a black father and another in-betweener for a brother
I don’t need to pick and choose based on what music I like or by my shoes.
I like ACD and Kanye West, Broadway music and Friday After Next
But, it’s not because I’m Black OR White
or Black AND White
It’s because I like what I choose to
And you can too
Don’t like things because you are Black OR White
Like them because you have the right to be free and open minded
Not blinded by the color of your skin
Because that is an incredibly grim life to be enslaved to
So go out and do what you want to do.



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