To All That Is Black & White

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 16:34 -- chxlle_

To all that is black and white

the darkest fear of night

To the heart that is unfaithful

the scent is now distasteful


The ticking of the clock

the rocking chair won't rock

The table set up for one

some say "the fun has just begun"


The car won't go

it smells like socks

The sweet sweaty juice

of the boy in the box


She's the broken window pane

he's the ugly brown stain

They say they "don't care"

yet all they do is stare


No, it's not what you think

sometimes he stinks

Do you see what I'm describing

or are you confused by the rhyming


I wish I was tall 

then maybe I'd dance 

Why does everyone else get to go to the ball

and I can't get over the fence


I'm actually very happy

when you see me I'm smiling

I like to be shinning

alright, now let's not get sappy


Remember, it's all in good timing

life is what it seems

What do you say to someone

when you know your lying


How am I supposed to live

tell me my rights

Okay I see your point

now let's fight


What do you say

to someone you L-O-V-E

When you know that

they are the O-N-E


"I'll never let you go"

five words you'll never hear

"I love when you are near"

six feelings I'll never show


Your baby blue eyes

had me mesmerized

How could I be so unwise

when they were really lies


To all that is black and white

please bring in the light

To the colorful mind

please don't be so blind







This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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