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Only One!   Ectomorph= Tall and gangly Mesomorph= Average Endomorph= Short and fat  
Dear “The name that shall never be spoken”,   What have you created? By who were you created? Who told you it was fine to wreck a home?
my mom's gf and her roommate would have parties almost every night and every weekend random guys and girls would come over to drink the night away and that's when I'd want to just sleep my life away
You’ve always told me that you get your best ideas  driving alone when your weary body slips into  your hypnotic state when your eyes  become the headlights that light the way
My heart is where you abide,   Though daily you are by my side.   With love and unyielding pride,    I be not ashamed to call you my Bride.  
Hello my friend from long ago, you seem to me so different. At first an idol I adored  and then more fleeting, distant. I turned my back from the warm embrace the Spirit did provide me,
The trail of  your fingertips have been embedded onto my skin.The scent o
The Temple is my favorite awe.
Her body was a temple, handcrafted, with exeptional curves heavenly, lightly fragranced with cocoa butter and almond oil   She invited men inside, and the temple began to cave in.
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