Praise me. by Jackie G.

The trail of  your fingertips have been embedded onto my skin.
The scent of your body has been stuck to my sense of smell.
The night where flowers were picked and were made into a bed of roses.

where love was made.

Where we became human; we let our temptations get the best of us.
I didn't stop you from planting your kisses onto my hands, my body... my temple.
I gave you a piece of me; I gave you my soul.
You planted a seed into me that will sprout into an emotion that will take over.
I want to feel your fingers get caught in my hair.
And to hear you whisper into my ear, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to"
Where confetti is thrown around in your head...
Where in mine; I feel aroused, doubting what I've done but all I know is that I love you when you couress me in your arms.
When our hot air intertwines with each other.
What is this feeling?
I feel complete...
I think I'm in love.
In love with your body, in love with your hands, in love with your eyes that look into mine that show your obsession with my smile.
I love you.
You hold my flower...


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