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My emotions are in Marvin's Room, love. Soft like a dove and I hope you take care I'm surely no Drake, but I think that's fair Like the Bible, you're a gift from above Hate sleeping alone but like to shove
Red and white striped in a shape of a wheel,  a wheel that can drive me craving for ones loving feels, From the middle it is all pink dyed,  as though it can describe my deep hurt feelings from the inside, 
Sticky sweet jolly rancher kisses I realize that I´m going to miss this  We say our goodbyes and I pull away But something really urged me to stay Every rib in my chest breathes in for a smile
The enticing scent fills my nose, The bright colors pique my interest. Smells sweet, yet sour, and oddly addicting. It fills me with energy as I laugh and jump.
I’m hastily pinning arteries to the insides of my off-brand cardigan, I dress to be as pretty as she’d thought I’d be. I fear that part of me that smiles when I talk to her.
I like green apple jolly ranchers, and I am different I told them I yearned for him to pick me out To see me as separable Identifiable I did not enjoy the glorified blue raspberry Hell no
(Or: how I learned that sweet things were the quickest way to my heart.)   Even the smallest gesture can contain so much meaning.  
The yellow and orange candies have always been my favorite, the only ones I've ever liked, actually. So when I was sharing the sweet candies with my love, I gave him the yellow and orange ones, naturally.
Halloween Halloween What a site to be seen Scary monsters everywhere Leaving children in Despair   Trick or treat Is their disguise All the children
Most people say that it is bad for you That it can cause bad teeth, obesity, and diabetes too.  
A facade. Gold plated, short lived.
We're space-candy mannequins, just suckers for human sin. Count to three, it's a jawbreaker world; only sweet until it's gone and you're left with that ache in the maw. I'm a space-candy mannequin,
I want to roll the words from your mouth, around mine A candy drop  To smooth my tongue over Feel every swirl and indentation Liquid caramel, so sweet  Unwrap each syllable with my lips 
They call it unhealthy I used to disagreethat everything I used to do to mePut death right in my faceThey call it a disorder I can't say much moreEverything I used to hear was what tore
Candy is delightful, destructive, including soothing.  I relish Reese because, I endure the peanut butter that is cradled in the chocolate. It accumulates mass, however its great to lounge with.
Zimmerman shot the gun before he could think.
Colorful cotton candy is grasped firmly in children’s hands. And their parents watch as they go ‘round and ‘round. Some may never have the chance to see these fun-filled lands
Candy is good, candy is yummy. When I eat candy it goes to my tummy. Some candy tastes sweet some candy tastes sour. I’ve been sitting here eating my Halloween candy for an hour.
I bought a pack of chewing gum, last Thursday at the store. And when I tried to take a piece, you fell out on the floor.  
Its swirls were intriguing Salvation meant his heart was beating His taste buds protruded the gum from his mouth And lifted themselves to curve: A Perfect Sugar Point
'Tis very dark in here, in my papier-mâché prison. No light yet to appear, not even a glisten. All alone in here, in my confetti cage. Wishing I could peer, out into the new age.
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