Candy Cane


United States
34° 26' 24.1044" N, 118° 35' 29.292" W

Its swirls were intriguing
Salvation meant his heart was beating
His taste buds protruded the gum from his mouth
And lifted themselves to curve:

As he sucked, his jealousy grew
And where he smacked, the point drew
And when he thought his taste buds knew,
He sought what must be done

He pushed down and heard their screaming;
The sharpened point of blood left gleaming,
But chipped its point upon his tooth
And lifted his hands up towards the root

Realization; his slip was death
As denial left his wanting mouth,
And acceptance came to drown him out

A gargling boy of innocence
Found the pains of life,
Dropped his shoulders
Formed his knees;
A pounding fist of strife

Then mourned for his lost perfection
Which made the form of death contention
Laid on the ground to his perception,
And cried his candy peppermint.


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