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December is the coolest month
I have meet you December, My name is mrs November, I have question December, Can you answer me December?
In this christmas, We have mas, All of us, We have pass. Have this chance, Having the blace, Remove your price, In good face.
I couldn't sleep right, I thought I was texting you all night. You seem to take advantage of my kindness. I never thought it would ever happen. You explain things as if you're always right.
I'm a moth attracted to light,it's hard not to be attached When my eyes met yours I see an imaginary world My lips met yours and it's a fire within December When I start to care is when trouble arises
 warm night in december, strange break in the freezing rains  electricity thick in the air like some new storm waiting to be born  where are you? why am i here, drunk & alone?
I've always loved December The Snow, the lights, the pretty embers If I could own just one night I would wish for magic in the sky   Neon colors would dance, alive Steaking the dark canvas at midnight
Chapped lips and cold skin, soft eyes, playful grin. Though I have loved before, Know, I will search no more.
December brought me great things.
  My Brooklyn is Park Slope filled with perfectly aligned brownstones and mom and popshops; It's the kids who constantly invite me to Prospect Park to smoke a joint,
They want me to become something I’m not. I’ve twisted and turned and bent over backwards in an attempt to fit into their box, But I simply cannot.   It’s never too late, To pass your class they say.
I've had to many honey bees,but I have the peace of the sea,old soul waves at me,planet stars sung a tune,arrow brought love strikes true;as a leaf,on November's shoulder,
The Cold Has Come And GoneYet Some, Stay FrozenWhether It Be a State of Bliss Or SorrowTis There they Will StayNever Moving, Never ChangingForever Trapped Within themselvesWithin Their pain
It’s this time of year that makes me wish you were here. It’s hard to enjoy the falling leaves, When all I have is this burden to heave, So the next time you see me I want you to remember,
A rose that fell off from the heavens above, It came towards me like a dove, Waiting to seek the truth behind those eyes,
Remember December in all it's splendor The way you held me My body surrendered A love so gentle My body so tender Yearning for you Our last December
I dream of filling pages, but I never seem to have the words. I dream of being clever, to make people turn their heads and whisper, "how did she do that?"I want to leave them awestruck. 
Brown Jug
sitting around a decked out tree the memories decide to ambush me memories both good and bad from times long ago most of which i"d rather not know
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