Seattle, WA
United States

December brought me great things.

Its door opened with a burst of light, a force so powerful that it knocked me to the ground.

Something that surely was not ordinary.

I was moving through life alright. Recovering from the past,

you know,

taking my time. Walking at my own pace. It was slow at first. I could barely rise from the initial blow 

of the heartbreak that was August.

I was being productive with my life, though. I was focused on the important things at hand. School mostly, and finding a job.

Being with friends again.

Making a few,

and trying to learn how to gently reject those that wanted more.

That was October and November.

(September was just searing pain.)


I like to think of my life in months now. What each month has brought me.

I didn’t before, and now I know why.

That’s not important, but what is

is why I do now.

It’s because of December.

I went into it just fine.

A little busy.

But my time was being occupied,

I was truly focused, and my heart was healing, that’s all that mattered.

It was a state of mind I had not been in for years.

I had no peace before.

But then it found me.

No, I cannot say I found it.

That is simply not the case.

This thing, what found me, it was more than pure coincidence.

It was carefully planned by a power I know nothing of.

It was right.

It IS right.

It is powerful and true.

It is something I didn’t think I wanted.

Something I didn’t know I needed.


But now I’m here, irrevocably and fervently.

It is something worth giving my heart for.

It is peace like I have never, ever known, and I never want it to go away.


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