free will

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From one of thirty six, to forty six thousand six hundred fifty six. Snake eyes in three, nearly impossible to see.   Not all is controlled by some self, Life is full of numbers,
I relinquish running away, Whatever I do, I feel astray. Sensing jinxed from head to toe, Now it’s time to face my foe.   From all the undying tears I’ve shed; Though unseen, my heart has bled.
  From the moment we arrive on earth
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
I am a bird, unnoticed but free
Among the stars
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
Stars are shining In the great black sky Where the universes fate still lies Our future is uncertain We can’t predict the beginning or
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
Lying on the ground believing in your stories Falling hard within your astonishing glory We live in a world where we sit and ask questions We wonder why me? what did I do? why?
Time by the second A limit of control that is less than a minute a minutes that can be morethan hour less than a daybut favors twenty four hours  A state of mind that is limitedOh' Grand Design that beckons  twelve of night and twelve of daythat r
Sometimes I wish I werea marigold,so faithful to the sunto rise alongside you,my center.& dusk--close my petalsaround the promiseof your return& never have to sleepalone again.
10/26/13   The sky shattered. I defied fate. Every light source combusted as every solid ground crumbled but I stood among the rubble firmly grasping my future. The gods screamed in fury
We were broken from the start Ill made molds from our beginning Bits and pieces of fears and failures Make our chemical make-up   We will not bow We are broken, not defeated
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