Time by the second A limit of control that is less than a minute a minutes that can be morethan hour less than a daybut favors twenty four hours  A state of mind that is limitedOh' Grand Design that beckons  twelve of night and twelve of daythat rules what we call time Free will a state of mind thatplays chess with fate it brews the storms of the path we walktrying to find what I ears can't hear I eyes cannot see because we our endowed to the limits that are not seen  Essence of celestial and beyond the Physical creating a dreamof disillusions of what you thought was a gain into an oasis Got lost in translationIs fact or fiction that you will reallyarrive at your destinations witha control that is beyond your limitation Be careful what you do for the physicalis not always clear in the realm of the unseenwill sway the threads of your fate.


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