Queer Palace

There are two queens

In my kingdom 

There are two queens

In my kingdom, you see


There are two queens

And nobody is the 'man'

In our damn relationship

Do you need basic definitions?


Let's do some simple addition

Woman + Woman + Romance =

L E S B I A N, the L in 

L G B T Q I A +


There are two queens

In my damn palace

And we live under

Rainbow's End


And sometimes we wear ballgowns

Sometimes we wear black jeans

Doesn't mean we're not les 

Or that we're not queens either way


And sometimes people also like guys

It means that their label is bi-sexual

Or if they like every gender

It means they're p a n g e n d e r  p r i n c e s s e s


And everyone of any sexuality

Is welcome in my damn palace

This poem is about: 
Our world



Thank you for posting this, I am just realizing I am bi and it's reassuring to know everyone is not judgemental. I am just coming out and its hard especially with me living in the "Bible Belt."


Thank you!! I am les and I know tons of straight people that would not judge you at all. They exist, believe it or not. It's horrible that you live in a place that still doesn't accept LGBTQIA +, but you will definitely find people who accept you one day. You are not wrong. You are a unicorn.

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