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A dark black hole Deep in me Deep in my heart   A dark black hole Manic, homicidal, suicidal Melancholic and depressive   Absorbs all energy Absorbs all matter  
Many know of Narcissus Who was found quite ridiculous When he spoke with an inflection So self-centered in his reflection   Few see though, today How they push others away
i stand miles above and from town, observing the little specks of pure white and monarch orange lights; some lights cluster and kiss, while some run and hide between botany. through the lens of logic,
As the goosebumps carress my skin so strong, You stole my breath away; you king of thieves. The dulcet croon of love; you lure me with song.
The rose that is weak and witheredIt falls and sulks and shrinksAfter rain, it drags itself to the sunAnd the rose flourishes vibrantly  The rose that returns every yearIt has been through dark, harsh weatherIt survives the many beasts who try to
Your lips crash onto mine, Cracked, pink, and divine. The bittersweet taste of you Touches my tongue, I crave your lips even more,
God of mercy, sweet love of mine, your love is like a radiant diamond. Such love I cannot contain, like a blazing wild fire. On the cross you shed your blood for a sinner like me. I cannot live without you.
How can one word define infinite possibility. How can one sentence define a future. If it were up to me I would write a book.  A feature length film.  A memoir on the lives of each of us. 
Sounds of birds and frogs, Howls of owls from some hidden logs,
I am not a strong poet nor a good storyteller,so please do not expect a sonnet or anything stellar.What I am about to type is nothing but a mere thought,A youngster at ten I thought these thoughts I sought to fought
The words Peace & War just dont mix
I see the burning of the sky tonight, hues of orange to light, fades of blue; dark overcast, overnight, I tame sight. Lion in the sky roars to lay a mark; Seeing the heavenly fire creeping forward,
    Walking up sorely and tired,     Not because I was beaten but because I peservered;     Chest high and admired,     Not by others but by myself revered.    Trying to move pass old pains,
Dust, dirt and sandsFill the airChocking the life outta me. Behold the desertA crappy place to liveWhere cactus drink waterAnd lizards shed their skin.
I once met a man who’s very presence sent my mind into a frenzy;his words calmed the storms that raged within my heart,and his laughter was the flame that lit a fire in my soul.
  every exasperated sigh is a painful reminder of how unhappy you are here. I cringe when I hear you You are like a machine on its last run, ready to give in at any given moment
(Curtain rises on an empty stage)                                                                       -Act 1, Scene 1-"Action!" Hello, I have something to say before I sleep below.
Falling, falling, falling— Limp like the rag doll I used to play with But that has now been packed away in a storage box Somewhere amongst the dust of the forgotten in the attic— You hold me up again.
Inspire me beloved poetry, surrounded in nothingness, alone and lonely, no place to call home but hell, but if hell is my realm then what next may come, asked I the suicidal bastard son,
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