Falling into the Fallen

Falling, falling, falling—
Limp like the rag doll I used to play with
But that has now been packed away in a storage box
Somewhere amongst the dust of the forgotten in the attic—
You hold me up again.
I fall into the cushion of your palm
Face down, buried into your tender skin.
The sweet and familiar scent of you
Like hot cocoa in the winter or barbecue grills in the summer
Like the flowers that bloom in the spring
And the crisp smell of leaves that have
Fallen in the fall.
They have fallen like I have
But with no support to help them
Climb their way back up
From their darkest depths to the
Loving branches of the tree
As you have done for me.
You have thrown me a ladder
Sent the ambulance on my way.
Never have you led me astray.
Never have you let me fallen
All the way down into the limitless ditch.
Never have I kept my head down
Because of you.
In love, I have
Fallen, fallen, fallen.


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