Change Starts Now


You call this higher learning? You call this a class?

I think what you should call this is a half empty glass.

What are you doing with your life, where are you going with this class.

I just want to learn, and all I get is this whack.

You think you have control, but these people don’t respect you.

You need to learn how to gain respect, it’s the most important thing.

You can’t expect respect when what needs to change is you.

Do you even care about us, and what we do, do you care about anything?

It is hard to look up to someone who has nothing to live for.

You need to make yourself known, give your life purpose.

Maybe then, your students will realize that they want more.

More of your true self to come to the surface.

I know that it is difficult to be who you are, but if you try hopefully you won’t be too far.

far from respect, the most important thing.

Maybe then, you won’t be too far.


I know I can’t say this to your face, so I’m writing it down.

We all feel bad for you, it makes me want to frown.

If you just straightened out your life a little, You’d be so much better off.

maybe then you’ll gain respect and no longer get those scoffs.

I hate to tell you how to run your own life, but you’ll never make it if you keep living like this.

You have to change your ways someday soon and if not, you’ll never see bliss.

I know you can do this, I have so much confidence in you.

But sometimes, you need to realize that you’re not a shrew.

So go ahead and get started: make your life right.

Don’t let these kids get in your mind and give you a fright.
You deserve to be happy, so go out and do it.

Go fix your life now, and don’t say “just screw it.”

It’s up to you now, but I know that you can do it.


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