beautiful black woman

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My mother. The curls of her hair a mystery we could never find the end of with various ringlets creating a spongy wall around her head.   My black mother
From the night in her skin to kink of her hair The sun in her smile to the stars in those eyes I know that Melanin is beautiful The beauty that glows through her blood like magic Her melanin drips like honey
Who am I? I am black. I am woman. I am educated. I am beautiful. Who am I?   Who am I? I am the blackness that felt your fury. I am the female that is not worthy.
My black is beautiful. I’m not what media perceives me to be as a black woman - I can’t be loud, I can’t yell. I can’t express myself in the most
I'm just a girl in the petals my beauty falls deep, more than the firm curves  of my body, but inside of me. I'm just a girl in the petals with a heart of pure gold, but in all reality gold is malleable it cannot fold.
Its funny how you know me But don't know me, you know? Was in my class then, back then But things just got old You underestimated my knowledge  Grew success now you don't dodge me
Dear Blk girlCan I ask you why youBeSoChill ?Like Chicago lake front winds got not a damn thing on you?Like ice cube and Ice tea been trying to sue you for copyright infringement?
I am consistehntly Black, proudly and unapoligetically.
Dark girl, be proud of your physique and skin. You'd think the boys only want you because of your appearance. They don't want to know what's within. You say that you want a man
A black woman
You are a beautiful black woman  Kind and smart You are a beautiful black woman With an enormous heart  You are a beautiful black woman As beautiful as can be You are a beautiful black woman 
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