Just Another Angry Black Woman

Sat, 02/04/2017 - 00:49 -- symonay

My black is beautiful.

I’m not what media perceives me to be as a black woman -

I can’t be loud, I can’t yell. I can’t express myself in the most

passionate and fiercest ways that lie in my heart because well,

I’m not supposed to yell.

I’m not bitter and I’m not angry,

but if this keeps up, I’ll be pretty pissed off and hey,

it won’t be a surprise to them.

I’m just so tired:

Tired of being pretty “for a black girl;”

Tired of having good hair “for a black girl;”

Or wait, the one that gets me: “you look better when your hair is straight.”

Did I ask?

Why does my hair have to be straight

like a white woman’s to be beautiful?

I like my curls, and I like my naps.

My black is beautiful.

Our black is beautiful.

All shades of melanin, all differences, all similarities.

We’re beautiful as a whole and as individuals.

God forbid,

I wear something tight or something a little short

Our hips and our curves, because we fill out an outfit

We’re judged and we’re chastised

I’m not sorry that my dress rides up because

it’s not my fault.

I won’t change who I am to fit your wants.

As a woman, there’s doubts

As black, there’s doubts

Now us black women, there’s doubts beyond measure

and we prove these wrong every time.

Our black is beautiful.

I’m not angry, I’m not bitter.

I’m tired of this fight to prove our worth.

Stop treating us as lesser and maybe we wouldn’t seem so angry.

My black is beautiful,

and you don’t need to see it for me to know it.


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Jan Wienen

The beauty of being yourself ... Yes you are beautifuly and wonderfully made ....

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