Its funny how you know me

But don't know me, you know?

Was in my class then, back then

But things just got old

You underestimated my knowledge 

Grew success now you don't dodge me

Now you my best friend until the end

Now that I'm somebody

So what you hood now and your hood down?

Okay I get that

Rocking the new J's , have a bad Bae 

Can hit her up and hit that

You did that

So to the rest you look like one hell of a nigga

Seems like every given moment you get bigger

You pull the trigger

It goes click clack, 

You got new stacks

You have plenty knives but running out of backs

You took more lives then you often add

Nowadays is that really bad?

Are they really mad or kinda glad?

Look at him, did he really laugh?

You supposed to be what we couldn't see

But to you I just look really black

Now we acting up

They backing up

Standing tall we laugh it up

Standing tall we laugh it up cause with a chance like this

We can't pass it up

So we pass it up our pyramid 

You taking credit, we taking this

I have knowledge like I'm grown 

But in the end I'm just a black kid

This poem is about: 
My community


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