Girl in the Petals

Fri, 12/02/2016 - 20:27 -- ikmccoy

I'm just a girl in the petals my beauty falls deep, more than the firm curves  of my body, but inside of me.

I'm just a girl in the petals with a heart of pure gold, but in all reality gold is malleable it cannot fold.

The rhythm of my step and the way I sway my hips, defines the passion my life has encrypted.

I'm just a girl in the petals always gone unnoticed, but my confidence stands bold in a field full

of soldiers. Emotionally beaten down, but physically i'm on both feet. Mentally stronger than

the obstacles in life that attempt to overcome me. Situations and temptations creep slowly 

upon me, but the walls of dignity never let it dare touch me. The strands of my course, thick

hair flows so freely and the ends of my eyebrows arched neatly. They envy me, but they 

shall not defeat, a girl standing tall who never has to compete. Only God himself truly 

knows the real me, he created me with such beauty which completes me.

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