depression suicide mentalhealth

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Brought to reside beyond sustainable realityBelonging to the unhingedhe once had controlhe once possessed a soulBarred skin exposed to toxinsBemused mind drugged on cheated dayshe once had opinions
She sits in the dark with her knees to her chest and her emotions wild she remembers your lies and how yet you were mild. She spends her nights crying and asking "why?"  Such a sad girl and lonely praying to die.
Time Bomb Constantly ticking down An invisible timer Even to me When it goes off What will happen Will it destroy everything Will it be a dud Will it even matter
In this worldWithout a lightI spiral continuouslyForever in the depths of despairUntil the day I dieThe shadow over my mind Never to be liftedForever in agonyJust want to end it all
Because I love you, the horizontal Cuts faded from my skin The voices that screamed, keeping me awake No longer pester my mind
I am stronger than I think I amI am my biggest criticI am the worst artistI am the worst singerI am the worst studentI am a horrible friendI am a horrible poetI am my own destruction
Imagine sitting in a dark room holding something in your hand You don't know what it is It is bothering you, hurting your brain trying to figure it out  
I can feel it creeping back inside of me. I feel the tentacles of darkness  wrap around my chest and  encompass my lungs t  i  g  h  t  e  r   t i g h t e r  tighter.  
Goodbye depression, I don't need you here, You haven't been my friend, And you certainly haven't been dear. Goodbye depression, The days are long gone, Where I longed for my end,
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