Time Bomb

Time Bomb

Constantly ticking down

An invisible timer

Even to me

When it goes off

What will happen

Will it destroy everything

Will it be a dud

Will it even matter

I can try to hold it in

Do my best to fight it

But everything is bearing down on me

It's so hard to constantly keep calm

I'm on a tightrope

Trying to balance everything

Someone please help me

I can't do this on my own

I'm going to slip

I can feel it coming

Impending doom

Will someone notice

Please diffuse the bomb

Cut the wires

Get rid of it


I don't know what'll be worse

The detonation

Or the effects

Losing everyone and everything

I won't make it

Someone please help

I'm running out of time

I don't want to hurt you

To lose you

To experience loneliness again

I've spent so long being lonely

Please don't make me go back


Diffuse me

Save yourselves

Save me

I'm just a girl

Trying to live in this world

I'm trying my hardest

But it's never enough

I'll throw myself on the bomb

To save all of you

But I won't make it out 



This poem is about: 
My community


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