An Unknown Marvel

No one seems to understand

How amazing it is

To turn a word

Into an idea

And an idea

Into a possibility

And that possibility

Into a reality.

No one quite gets

That inspiration comes from everywhere

From the ground

To the sky

To a simple problem

That we all strive to fix.

The mind is a chamber

Filled with the impossible

And the improbable

Yet challenging our perceptions

Of the realities around us.

Our emotions hold such variety and depth

As we show empathies

For our fellow creatures

That can amaze the onlooker.

We underestimate how powerful

The ideas of others can impact

The lives of many.

We assume that one cannot

Help millions

Yet it only takes one

To turn the whole world on its head.

Our whole lives we are trained

To assume others can

Yet we can’t,

However, our limit is not the sky

But our minds

And those minds

Create the reality that is today.

We assume that sensitivity is weakness

Yet it is a strength

As we show sympathies

And relate to each other

On a whole new level.

The mind is large and expansive,

Filling with negativity and positivity

Colliding with each other

Each and every single day

Trying to come out on top.

Our minds focus on the negatives

When we don’t realize

Its beauty

And its strength.

Our emotions,

Our ideas,

Even our very identities

All come from our minds.

If it does so many things…

Why don’t we cherish it?

This poem is about: 
Our world



For some reason I can't attach the video I have of me reading this poem, so here's the link until I can figure out how to properly add the video.


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