Helping others

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As I grow up I’m loved My parents always sweet My world a treat Never facing much feats 
As I grow up I’m loved My parents always sweet My world a treat Never facing much feats 
In a world where words are the strongest weaponry, Where syllables can tumble down with the power of a tsunami, Drowning is often easier than it should be.    Each word a piercing bullet with a fatal shot, 
In those times of need, you might not find comfort from people. In those times of assistance, you might not find happiness from assurance. In those times of agitation, you may never think you'll be okay again.
One year ago. I wasn't who I am now.  One year ago. A lot has changed within me. I use to be passionate to become a psychatrist. But now I have a new passion, a better one.
Dust swirls around my face My shirt sticks, reluctant to release my back Hot sun covers everything, and brightens the area
A kid who spits and stutters when he talks Is scared to say a word A girl who has to limp when she walks Can never join the herds And do we tell them they’re different Or do we accept them for who they are?
Watching you struggle hurts.
There’s an abandoned lot beside my bus stop, a barren block of concrete vacated after floodwaters swept the local businesses away I’ve crossed this lot for years, at dawn with puffy red eyes and midnight with blisters on my feet
Some people want to be billionares Or be on the cover of Forbes Magazine I want to help you take a breath of fresh air Give people sight who have never before seen, the wonders of our big, big world.   
Helping others have always been a part of me.To see them smile, to see who they end up to be.Before, they look down as if they felt shamed.They don't understand that I am not there to blame.
A job can change your life Just a single one Where you flip enough burgers to pay for school Or scrub enough counters to buy a car But a job will change more lives than just yours
     Don't mind me here, i'll wait for your pass. I'll wait for your sand to empty the glass.      What's with that face? You look at me strange. I've just been waitin' for diligent mange.
Maybe you don’t have a dime, Try hard and you’ll be fine, You’ll get anything if you try, You shouldn’t even cry, Failing means you learned more things, You will learn to use your wings,
Protected by a hard shell, One of inspiration, happiness, and Nothing more but pure positive energy.  A shell that connects with people.   Buried inside lies the truth.Pain, Hurt, confusion, aloneness.
His Harmonica he played, sweet melody, music reached out to me like sun rays, penetrating my skin on a summer day, and I observed from a distance, not too far away, an old man with gray hairs, running down the sides of his face, an old coat he wor
I’m the person you run to when you need a friend. When you need a shoulder to cry on, to complain. When you need someone to confide in, I’m always there.
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