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We are children in a field of dreams.   Waiting.   Watching.   The floating dreams above us wait.   We watch.   The floating dreams are always just out of reach,  
concrete jungle heatsuffocating cityscape~ bare feet loving grass......Mark Toney © 2021.5/13/2021 - Poetry form: Haiku (for you)
Frost encumbered yet sitting in the sun the green grass glows.   Beautiful to the world but look inside, its heart froze.
Grass is here, grass is there. Grass is everywhere. Grass is tall, Grass is short, grass can grow by the seaport. Please pick my poem for the scholarship, thank you.
Outside, The sky is overcast and gray. Beautiful.  It looks as if it is about to rain, Gorgeous fat drops falling, A rhythm that beats the same pattern as my heart.
"Raise that head up! Straighten that spine!
There was a time I thought nature had forgotten me. That I had been gone too long to hear her breathing. I decided then that I wasn’t going to let her walk out of my life like so many others, so I left.
People call me Grass I am persistent I never give up And hated by many people   People call me Grass They cut me down many times But I grow again For I am Grass  
I yank the cord and the growling begins A puff of smoke and the metal starts to spin The green soldiers start to charge it And are cut, chewed, and spit out of it
I yank the cord and the growling begins A puff of smoke and the metal starts to spin The green soldiers start to charge it And are cut, chewed, and spit out of it
grass   shoeless tiptoes on summer days on top of sharpened blades water running down plummeting down to the alive ground  
Life blooms all around you Under your bare feet Above your head   Birds churp  Insects hum The wind whistles Such beautiful music   You walk along  Guided by dandelions 
Acknowledge and embrace the smell, the feel, and the taste. Understand: the power of the flower. The flavor is sour- diesel. On a cloud
I want the shoreline, the foamy white waves colliding into rock like soldiers sparring in battle; the horizon brushed with soft strokes of lavender, rose pink and azure; the low-toned
They are watching you Those blades of grass are watching They are all around
whispering whispering throught the trees telling secrets telling lies and  tall tales too through the tall grass and where the urban street meets the meadow where the wild becomes tame
My bare feet felt frigid, as they squished the wet ground. The dark emerald grass was damp and powerless against me. The blades of grass bent and plummeted
And the whippoorwill twilled,  While over rocks water spilled, Green grass in the fields blew, And sweet lipped Mocking Birds o'er head flew. 
You have to love me for who I become what I create, what I say, what I see, what I give, not what I take. You cannot love me for what I need what I want, what I’ve been given.
BLOTCHES FROM A COLORFUL CANVAS   With blue the world is draped, and with its hue my soul delights, From whitewashed shores on dripping edges of roaring sounds, 
If there came a day Where life outran me I would return to my  Parents home Beaten by the world Weathered by time And caked in mud I would hang my head
If I could change only one thing About the whole entire world
God's flakey carpet Crafted for me to share with all We are forever home
We constantly hide our faces, like the luminous sun shieldsbehind the colossal dusky clouds.
The pain you feel when I run my blades along your body will always heal. I am the one who constantly puts you in place, I bring you down to your knees before my feet.
         Bare Handed Catch Water Splashing in my face, Bouncing on the waves, Going light speed behind a motor boat Soaring like the eagle Swish, Swish, splash, going side to side
A cold winter night Oh such a beautiful sight The gentle breeze Yet you never freeze Coldness against the cheek Wet grass beneath the feet Chills down the spine In a straight line
Fingers reaching light Bare trees left till Spring Wake up from slumber Leave us gray morning Arise to warmth and shadows Welcome again Spring
The sun it shines, regardless, The grass it grows, oblivious, The water it sits, fathomless. The moon it reflects, lovingly, The tree it stands, determinedly, The sand it moves, impulsively.
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