The Sower of Days Long Past


Bear Creek
Bear Creek Asheville, NC
United States
45° 14' 38.4828" N, 118° 33' 0.288" W


No dear sower, the grass isn't green,
It shares a timid and bluer sheen
To that of the morning Jay.
He sings to life such glee, quite gay.
No yond seed-thrower, it isn't quite the same.
For you are where you wish to be: in hearts with no name,
Surrounded by total bitterness,
In hope of utter, and total bliss.
With words so spiteful, and pitiful, 
How could you expect me to be hospitable?
To welcome you back into my graces...
You need more than short, passing faces.
You were so quick to place me with awkward convention;
For organization is mundane detention, 
So don't review some manual exposition.
You cannot crumple me like your past, 
I wither not the fall; I surely do last.
So label me perennial-point-two,
Like the labeling you always do.


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