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Who could have known that dimpled elbows and clumsy steps would birth wonderment. 
Often around, When you was small, Low birth weight, ear operations,  You went through it all.   Life became normal, For you then, Infant school calling, Forever grinning.  
So small. So innoncent. So new.  I think these things as I hold her in my arms.  My niece. She has yet to walk, to talk, to grow, to know, to see. To be.
Anencephaly Anencephaly Definition: Absence of a brain or skull Definition: Absence of life for my sister's child Definition: A sick joke fom God   The lost fetus
I have a niece named Mia, she has my middle name, and I’ve never been so happy to have someone have such a permanent part of me. She has these big brown eyes that just see everything.
I love you little Maddie Moe More than you could ever know You make up my entire heart Your beauty is just like an art   I would do anything for you There Is nothing I wouldn’t do
When you smile, it brings joy to the small things, Every precious step you take, The joys your blue-eyes brings, Your small laugh sounds something like spring. You’re like a little sea shell,
Isabella, I put you into my bed for your nap. Tuck you in, Nick Jr on quietly. You argue and fight and cry… Trouble. Eventually you give in to sleep, Those little brown eyes close. Peace.
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