real love

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The Because in Love Love is everlasting Love can overcome Love comes in different shapes and sizes
Because I love you, I wont cheat. Because I love you, I'll let this go.   If you loved me, You'd know what I eat. If you loved me, You won't tell me no.   That isn't love,
everyone expects to be loved but are significantly lacking the ability to  love the loveless and yet, by some miracle the blue jay is understood by the hummingbird
Because I love you, what a wonderful phrase Because I love you, used so often these days Because I love you, how the meaning has changed to manipulate minds and bring about pain  
“This is it.” Society breathes, “This is all you need. This man, This husband, he will tell you who you should be.”   Roses and
The best and truest friends Get all the hard jobs   Like the buddy that takes your keys Because driving home in your condition Is more likely to put you in perdition Or the hospital
Dear momma Thank you for giving me Real Love The kind of love where I feel safe enough To be myself and shine Real Love
She said baby dont tell me youre in love Cuz I wont believe you And I'd hate to see you run When I dont say it back Yea I guess it is like that Cuz love aint a word you use
True love.  An idea warped by society, Only known to a select few Who have found themselves Lucky enough to be in a Healthy relationship.   Trapped in an idea
If he say’s to you “I’ll love you to the moon and back, and back to the moon, and back, but beats you until the moon is Black. Is that love ?
yesterday you were out sick you missed the history lecture so i copied another set of notes for you I love you, you said, only it came out as “thanks”
I love you, could you give me a blow job. I love you, I need money. I love you, give me this give me that, where did the real I love you go?  I love you, nothing else just that. I love you can I take your name.
Text messages and nudes have taken over relationships and we, as it seems, have bypassed chivalry or even just decency. Cute long paragraphs and roses used to distract from unapologetically hideous actions.
Because   you love me you dream my dreams with me, and sometimes, you dream them for me when I forget to.
  A ninety calorie drink
One never experiences real love, until you open your heart to vulnerability, forgiveness, letting go of the anger and pain that is associated with drastic life changing events that cause any loss!
Do you love me? Do you trust me?   Do you want to go all the way? come a little closer than and listen to what I have to say   I want to show you how much I love you I want to tell you as
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