“This is it.” Society breathes,

“This is all you need.

This man,

This husband, he will tell you who you should be.”


Roses and

Romance and

Romeo will

Reassure you that this is what disney means.




Underneath his thumb, makes you wonder if in fact this is

Unconditional love.

Expletives and

Empty beds late into the night.

Extravagant lies and avoided questions cause unrest in your mind.

Exits, dramatic and sudden fill your heart with fright.


Loneliness and heartbroken for months at a time.

Longing and broken

Loyalty lead you to despair. There is heard the little word of

Logic in your ear


Overwhelming anxiety,

Obdurate defences, and

Overbearing fears, all shatter when you hear that

Otherwise unimportant sound of a new love drawing near.


Values your opinion,

Vast respect and loyalty, a breath of fresh air.

Voicelessness and

Violation a distant thing of the past.


Educated and interesting.

Empathy and communication.

Eager to spend time, includes you, honest too. This is

Eternal love most divine


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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