No Love Lines

Sun, 10/29/2017 - 14:22 -- J2Phi


United States

She said baby dont tell me youre in love

Cuz I wont believe you

And I'd hate to see you run

When I dont say it back

Yea I guess it is like that

Cuz love aint a word you use

When you think my ass is phat

And you like my hourglass

Figure cuz you wanna see it bouncing back

On your trampoline where no lil kids play at

Dont even speak

This is not up for discussion

Cuz if you try finessing me

There will be some repercussions

Ive seen all of the tricks

So dont try anything slick

You can keep your damn dick

In your pants cuz you cant hit

Until you tell me that you love me

But lets elaborate

Those three words dont mean shit to me

Until I see it in your face

And how you treat me

I hope this dont sound extra needy

Cuz if you wit me 

Then you need be up for listening to reason

I dont need a new house, clothes, or fancy cars

Just tell me you down for me

And forever I'll be yours

But I don't want to hear this message in the shape of words

I need something I can feel inside my heart

I dont mean some bullshit message on a pink hallmark card

I mean something that you cannot fake

It takes time 

To build up a connection strong enough to call divine

Dont have me looking stupid when I tell people you mine

We in a motorcycle and theres no car on the side

So if you really down for me and the long winded ride

Then take my hand and be my man and look me in the eyes

And play with my inner mind

Not just with my behind

Show me that you love me

Dont make me read between the lines


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