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Billowing, billowing, The wind in life's sails, Teasing, breathing, pushing Our existance through the  Passages of time, Dusty and cobwebbed and ancient. The constant sigh of hours Rushing by,
P; the presence you hold in my life Can it be dictated? Numerated? Determinated? Not in my eyes.
We live in a world Where we can't live without jewels, We were trained To be overworked money churning machines, And to let our dreams be held down by pins. Wall Street was the aim
I count the day's sitting in the weary cold so beaten down I shall not grow bold less the morning light washes me clean, then my purer heart might be seen, tip toe my dreams
It's so cold here, is this what it's like, to know I'm done and through, imminent end in sight? ~ I can't see, feeling this tingle in my fingertips, Is this what it's like, to lose my grip? ~
Dark, fresh, drowsy excitement Before the sun could greet us Threatened not to make a fuss Our little clan with all intent To pack and leave as all discussed And migrate to the family bus
For my first offspring im prepared to raise a prince So he dnt make the same mistakes I made ima give him hints Tell him you can achieve anything you want but remember that everything isn't for everyone
All my life, it's been a journey. A constant struggle up hill, against the constant tide that only seems to bring me further from shore.
I trying hard to live in this life but this life is living in me i dont know what more i can take or who i can be   Society is a sin Voilating Gods will which we cannot
  Ten to keep me smiling ten to keep me strong all my little sheep could never do me wrong each one is a gift each a divine creation they are all themselves and all of them, my salvation
She was born weak and fragile Son tiny and full of joy Ode to her starving soul   As she aged, became confused and mentally abused Always called ugly, stupid , dumb, and even worthless
I slip into a dream Every time I wake up Of happiness, sadness, Love, and lust. I look at the map, Take a glance at the sun, And follow the path. To God's glory I run. Sweet sapphire eyes
High School is almost over. And recently I have been getting asked the big question, What do I want to be when I grow up? I smile and answer, "I don't know yet"
Even when everybody else falls,  I'll still be standing.  Even when the sun sets,  I'll still be shining,  Like the stars above  Or the glistening in the sea,  I'll shine bright 
Life is for dreamers And I’m a huge believer Always taking the chance To make my dreams come true Going through struggles as I’m on my way And never looking back because I’m here to stay
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