Ten to keep me smiling

ten to keep me strong

all my little sheep

could never do me wrong

each one is a gift

each a divine creation

they are all themselves

and all of them, my salvation

all seemed so well

the embrace was so sweet

oblivious to darkness

when you’re next door to defeat

the sickly creature finally came

first it hung on me

slowly dragging me down

unable to beg and plead

somehow they came and set me free

my sheep helped me escape

I fled with health and gratitude

but the debt wouldn’t go unpaid

further down the road

as years began to pass

my brave sheep got older

but the great years didn’t last

death didn’t overlook history

he was coming for a new

in the dead of one dark night

he stole one of my great few

my precious little Dorothy

taken as you sleep

one was lost that tragic night

leaving me only nine sheep

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