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I am a terrible texter A shitty snap-chatter A flop on Facebook And all around awful at any form of virtual communication I blame it on my depression sometimes
A rare species So hard to find Someone to stick up for themselves and others ones with courage have gone
I think it is, without a doubt, a necessity that you shut your mouth. I’m made of time, it’s how we grow, So why not just take it slow?  
I remember in days of yore,
Cracked, weathered, pig-skinned tools affectionately craft softest, supple, virgin-hands of suede.   Desert: my mountains, sky scrapers: your zenith. Let innocence climb high,
My exact words to you, "Don't go far off." It's all I have left to say, As you begin to walk away.   You begin to fade away. I try everything in my power to persuade you to stay,
  suddenly stops my world hearing your words this is a reaction
She glared at the sky in wonder, Feet in the glossy emerald grass, A powerful wind did gale— All was okay, But the sun would soon fail.
Lately it feels like paper is the only thing that will listen. And the ink in the pen is what makes the words glisten. 'Cause the story isn't pretty. But neither is my attitude.
  Could I but soar unbounded  As does the great Eagle Bald And reach immeasurable heights And No one has called    And tease all Day with my offspring And feast as I may
Oklahoma met a vortex     that gave and took, more or less,     by adding stress and taking homes – The tragedies are causing moans     with rains and tears of agony. The loss and pain of tragedies
Cowardly as I am, breathless is the condition you leave me in I run from you, I hide because you're more perfect than the leading Capulet Call me greedy but I'm begging and choosing
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