Letting You Go

My exact words to you,

"Don't go far off."

It's all I have left to say,

As you begin to walk away.


You begin to fade away.

I try everything in my power to persuade you to stay,

But I swear nothing works, it just gets worse and worse

God why did I get this curse!

You probably will leave before I even get to finish this verse.


The words leave my mouth and fight for you with every letter,

Yet your mind sets up a blockade, rejecting every chance I have to keep you,


"Don't go far off."

You hear my words but continue to walk.

I'm drowning in my tears of anguish,

While you safely float to shore, completely disregarding my existence.


You've left me no choice.

I must let the tide wash away my love.

Let it slip through my fingers, like the sand.


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