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Wizard  Here comes a man, Eating a pizza out of a pan , He carries a wand , In his right hand , What is this ? ! Not a moment to miss ! I whipped out my camera, 
He wants the one whose Whistle blew,To lynch him and to beat him blue. The donald never stops to think,He neither reads & has no Clue. His Fall will come and Soon and Swift. We will soon have a Seismic Shift.The donald then, will be exposed,He
Welcome to the lonely hearts club Takes place on a Friday night From swiping right Consists of sexual photo close ups  
My gaze falls, and damn; It is a unique school day. I've forgot my shoes.
Dear future roommate,  
We pull eachother close Myself sober, yourself a drunkard comforting me after a recent breakup you hiccup, i smile i feel you breathe, the smell of fireball on your lips
Flitter, flutter, butterfly in the butter. Aunt, aunt, ant in the sugar. Apple, raffle, snapple in the bottle.
When life gives you lemons, pucker your face at their sourness. Know that free stuff totally rocks
My body's in school, My brain's still in bed, And my soul went to Hell without me.
  I am rather annoyed To be studying Freud. The ego, superego, and id. I wish to take an eraser
In my darkest hours, When the end seems near, And someone utters your name; I am raised back up So that I may bask in your godly light And be consumed by your intoxicating glory
I was the first, the first of 8 kids. I want to sell the rest off. So start sending in the bids. Of brothers, I have 4. Of sisters, only 3. But sometimes I think my mum regrets, 
Not that I have anything against it, but somewhere, embedded deep in the human pysche was like, "You know what? What I want? Milk. But solid. and kind of smelly?"
I haven’t known you that long,          Otherwise I would have written a song, Or given a gift, But that would put your mind in a rift.  
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