FOR SALE: 7 siblings and soiled past.

I was the first,

the first of 8 kids.

I want to sell the rest off.

So start sending in the bids.

Of brothers, I have 4. Of sisters, only 3.

But sometimes I think my mum regrets, 

not just stopping with me.

It's not that they're horrid,

just that I'm great.

And out of 3 fathers, 2 are 'late'.

Jeramiah is savvy, Richard...we're not sure. 

If Thomas would behave, we'd probably take in a few more.

Zoann is (mostly) petite, Kherington's a tough little brick,

Haylee's at that age where she just acts like a....

let's just say prick.

Landon's the smallest, the spoiled little babe.

Seriously. Give him only one cookie and he'll scream for a day.

So I guess they aren't terrible, they're all just...unique.

 I suppose I won't sell them.

I mean. I'm not THAT cheap.

This poem is about: 
My family


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