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January brought resolutions Resolutions that I planned to accomplish Accomplishments that never came because of self doubt Doubt that stemmed from lack of self esteem
Our World is so fucked, the gulf iscrying out in oil suds mixed Fossil Fuels-all-      -gone--dry-In this heat wave they speak, as I                                    kick
  I believe in the possibility of error. Of an equation reaching an end that doesn’t exist. I believe in truth. I believe in fiction. I believe in everything in between. There is no such thing as a center.
An error message notified me of my low disk space My memory holds 799 videos 299 documents gigabytes of images terabytes of audio
When we were little all we can see on tv was B.E.T. and the news showing our future HIS-story. Direct at us for the better profit of their bank accounts and using our drama now on Maury.
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