When Errors Abound


This place has been forgotten,
Many search for it, but never find,
Deep loneliness is all it has begotten,
And it's enchantment will mess with your mind.
It is a place for silence and reflection,
Many thoughts have been created in this place,
It's simplicity doesn't fit with one's perception,
But here, all distraction has been erased. 
Though it is shrouded in a haze of mystery,
It can still be seen by the human eye,
But what is the purpose of visibility,
When it's existence is merely a lie?
This place certainly isn't paradise,
But neither is it hell,
It is but a paradox meant to entice,
The wayfarer who lost his way and fell.
This is all it can ever be,
It can never be anything more,
So sit back, relax, and be free,
For this is 404.  



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