The Errors and Corrections of 2016

January brought resolutions

Resolutions that I planned to accomplish

Accomplishments that never came because of self doubt

Doubt that stemmed from lack of self esteem


February brought cheerleading nationals

Nationals strengthened old and produced new friendships

Friends helped make me laugh more

More happiness in my life brought more self esteem


March brought academic troubles

Trouble that would make me angry

Anger that stemmed into more issues

Issues that would ruin relationships


April brought the start of a new quarter

A new quarter gave way to new grades

Grades that showed a better attitude

Attitude that helped mend and begin new relationships


May brought birthday excitement

Excitement that warranted celebration

Celebration that made me ready to celebrate other things

Things that would thrust me further into my future


June brought the end of junior year

Year's end brought summer memories

Memories that soon would be clouded with preparation

Preparation for taking on senior year: the final piece to the start of my future


July brought new friends and adventures

Adventures that began to give me a new outlook on life

Life that had at one point seemed so average

Average was no longer a term to describe new experiences


August brought a sad realization that gone were the typical summer days

Days filled with adventure turned to days filled with preparation

Preparation for the upcoming ten months

Months that would be filled with countless new experiences


September brought college applications

Applications that seemed daunting in comparison to the cheery college chatter

Chats that once were deemed as “future plans” were now an “in the now” discussion

Discussions that made you think about whether you’d even make it into a single college


October brought the first acceptance letter

A letter that would ease all worries

Worries that college would never come ended

An ending that brought the beginning to life after high school otherwise known as college


November brought splitting headaches

Headaches from the constant stress of the ending of the first quarter

A quarter that could start to make or break graduating

Graduation that seemed still so far away


December brought the holiday happiness

Happiness that changed everyone’s moods

Moods that once played into my own bad mood now made me excitable

Excitement that made senior year moments feel not so far away


January will bring a new year of trials and error

Error that will be corrected

Corrections that will further me as a person

A person that is ready to learn new lessons


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