Finding Memory For The Natural Mind


An error message notified me of my low disk space

My memory holds

799 videos

299 documents

gigabytes of images

terabytes of audio

All accessible through various programs

whose program files fill my memory too

I can regurgitate and recreate all these files

yet none of it is mine

none of it originated within my system.

I generated a file once,

my own,

but access is denied,

I cannot change it

it is read-only,

I am read-only.

Memory is almost full

1000 megabytes free,

100 megabytes,

10 megabytes,

1 megabyte.

Out of memory.

Program files inaccessible,

beginning deletion...



Wow I really do love this. Very different from what I've seen so far. Keep posting if you have more!

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