love life

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I see you when I close my eyes I miss you when I opened my eyes My heart beats calls your name While my blood runs with your love
Love is so evil. Like a sponge, you soak it up. Then it leaves you dry.
I cry but no one can hear me.  I fight but I'm too small to win. I dream, but don't have the capacity to grow. As they rip me apart, each part of my future fades away.
Choices Maleek Mayers Is it one or is it two? What da hell should I do? In my head rush all these voices, For I got too many damn choices...
life when I was little, I use to curl my hair every morning & put fake flowers in my hair because that was the only beauty I saw in myself.
Every day I discover what this world has to offer Every day I find my purpose Every moment spent finding my purpose, is a moment I truly discover who I am.
L O V E I F EVERY DAY Written by Keith Edward Baucum
I am lost in the curve of your cupid's bow, Oh, but how it seems more like Cupid's chokehold, So far away, across the world; you are, Tantalizing brown eyes searching for a purpose, searching for bravery,
Don't think of life as a broken butterfly just think of all the colors in the sky the red and blue yellow and green   All around u there is life and hope just forget the rope cause in some time
When I was younger, I had the idea that reality was like a soft sheet, If you were scared, you could cower back into the comfort of what you know to be home, If you were angry, you could rip it to shreds,
I wish to take her atop a lighthouse,
I am in love No, not with a boy That could never be enough for me I am in love with humans With the taste of rain And acts of kindness So if you want my heart It's taken
  We finally learn how to work out the rhyme, And we see to move on and not worry for time.
a pair of lips with another, a kiss, a pair of arms to another, a hug, pain and depression, misery, two people with strong feelings, love, imagination and a writer's mind, a masterpiece, life is full of math, good gpa and good behavior, a bright f
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