A World Traveler, caught between the Lips of Lost Lovers

Sun, 10/23/2016 - 00:00 -- jxxh

I am lost in the curve of your cupid's bow,

Oh, but how it seems more like Cupid's chokehold,

So far away,

across the world; you are,

Tantalizing brown eyes searching for a purpose,

searching for bravery,

to service those in need. 


I am lost in the stretch marks that strike down your shoulders,

lightening marks i'd like to be shocked by,

so far away,

here; I am here,

Inviting brown eyes beconing you to come home faster,

searching for how to love you,

how to love you the right way. 


I want to sit in silence, 

hours passing by as nighttime begs us to close our eyes,

Lips parted, 

anticipating silence to break,

shattering like the devestation my heart felt,

felt prior to the warmth of your eyes,

the depth of your laughter,.

I want my hands to caress your calloused fingertips,

to kiss your palms,

to kiss away what you've felt. 




across mountains,

sun shining bright,

when I look up and see night. 

We are under the same sky, 

but we are worlds apart,

connected only by a love yet to be discovered fully with a first embrace,



I wait to run my fingers though your raven black hair, 

to run my thumb over dimpled cheeks,

to look into eyes that drizzle into my soul,

the color of honey. 

Heart beat, 

sounding like wild horses,


You are beautiful,

but you are far away,

As I am too,

Oh, so well,

are those whose love travels past the barriers of land.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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