crime murder

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Me and my boo, together today.  Me and my baby, sharing a parfeit.  Soon a question must be asked,  But it's a very daunting task...   Will she like it? Will she agree? 
White Dragon Boy  eyes glistening upon the sky  Swirling and flying along in Avalon Free as ever was Knowing the world finally set you free To your actual form  White dragon boy
Baby girl only graced the world for 19 years, showed the earth a beautiful smile grounded into hearts ingrained with unconditional affection. Why baby girl? Why were they unable to withstand the light of your shine?
A serene sky, blue upon arrival, but orange upon departure. A locked door, but a stranger still found the key. A home meant to protect, but crumbled to pieces.
Grips on our hearts English Ivy - choking trees Trying to make beautiful   The most horrendous of worlds. Help is too late Even the best of you has been stolen by Mindless slaughter.
he head holds a secret, only he knows what it is, where'd he hide the body, did he even kill, was it against his will, his smile tells a story, he's made history, does he even care, he continues to look at us, while sitting in the chair, we ask hi
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