For Kenneka

Baby girl only graced the world for 19 years, showed the earth a beautiful smile grounded into hearts ingrained with unconditional affection. Why baby girl? Why were they unable to withstand the light of your shine? Darkness can only be obtained through blindness when the last light goes. Demons don't hide anymore, at least from my view. My optics have observed the observant. The predator in alienesque form. Baby girl, you were amongst none like you, you were apart from the alike. Your innocence ain't sacred to none but the unholy. They cared for nothing but 200 shillings, 200 pesos, however you flip the amount in foreign or familiar, we all can communicate the language of the almighty dollar. Your life was priceless, never meant to be sold for gold. I thought slavery was dead and gone. People slaving to the mentality of raping brothers and sisters, making a quick buck should you not run fast enough like life be a game of duck duck. Intoxicated off the Goose, hands became a noose, your screams scattered like glass in the bathroom probably plastered on marble flooring. I'm sure somebody heard you breaking. Took you to a place so cold that Alaska was no longer on the list of places I learned in class. They treated you like a fly on the edge of death, they plotted, swatted when you landed at arrived destination. This is devastation. 

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Our world


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