White Dragon Boy

White Dragon Boy 

eyes glistening upon the sky 

Swirling and flying along in Avalon

Free as ever was

Knowing the world finally set you free

To your actual form 

White dragon boy

With eyes as green as emeralds 

The scales telling a story 

For my lifetimes to learn 

Soar high white dragon boy

As your feet transform back to talons 

May you release the fangs 

And rip yourself from death's claws 

White dragon boy fly high 

And let those brilliant scales

Glisten your form on all 

Who love you 

Saying to them your melody of roars 

White dragon boy

Your life take by another 

But your mind always yours 

As the symphony you sing transforms 

It's sings the song of relief

Flying free from predenoted titles 

Of the human vessel

To form into the roars of who you are 

White Dragon Boy 

Soar high 

And roar your symphonies loud  

This poem is about: 
My family


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