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Why are prisoners not allowed to have sex with their mates of the opposite-sex? If a woman agrees to have sex with her man in prison and vice versa, The preposterous law does not allow this reasonable thing to happen
Put that gun down Young one. You may be feeling red, But you’ll be seeing red. If you use that there gun.   It won’t solve Nothing. But cause a whole lot of Dread, 
i stand among the people and cannot help but wonder how the manner in which we think halts our spectacle of justice  
The World Needs Changing Will The Old Do it, Um… No The Youth Must Reform
The year is new but the game is old / Same story starting and getting retold / And nobody cares if their words are gold / They just keep pretending that the worlds not cold / And everybody wishes they were someone they aren't / And everybody says
Ain't given a chance For romance With education Ain't worth living  Without giving To this nation That doesn't want No talk About immigration  Especially those without legality
My love for equality is so great,
Sometimes I look in the mirror and see myself in fear. What I see is a mess and I think of a makeover and nothing less.   Our government, while always great seems to need the same help as of late.
You tell us to prepare for college  And cram our brains with useless knowledge That won't help us in our lives Won't help us support our wives   Why am I learning about pre-calculus,
Society tells us a contradicting slew...Stay in school, mind the blues...The window panes are dry-rotting,Whilst the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in days...The smell of marijuana echoes down the hallways...
Into antique graffitiYou slam me;Books filled with the company ofEnemies and falsehoodsMold me,And them,And usInto mechanized monsters,Unable to breathe,With disparities for
I wear a light blue dress with white Mary Janes and my hair is straightened It’s my mother’s big day we all look nice, she’s graduating   Graduating… Damn… That was Iowa.
Lee Ketcham, Johnny A great brother indeed Law, Good ole Johnny Ignorance of the highest degree
This is a world where we are free In a world of confusion We live under the weight of the sky Above the weight of the sea We roam this world in hope for truth But we find terror, dread, and sorrow
I was born into a world Where people judge. A world where people can't Really ever be themselves. And those who are different, Are prosecuted with no regard. The trials happen so fast, I can't keep up.
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