Proper Education


Society tells us a contradicting slew...
Stay in school, mind the blues...
The window panes are dry-rotting,
Whilst the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in days...
The smell of marijuana echoes down the hallways...
Seeping into the classrooms as drug education mumbles the "don't do" ahahoohays.
Abstinience teaches kids not to play,
But the billboards and magazines are saying "hey"
Contraceptives are still deemed unpleasant,
As the girls of the freshman class become new parents.

There's a party every weekend,
There's a fight every class period,
There's a waking world untold,
As they try to paint a cheery image,
Of the beast that is about to take HOLD!

The counselors are saying "go to college"--
While half of the senior class cannot afford it,
Even though they say "oh its ok, there's ways,"
Little do they know, by twenty...
Their knees will be in debt,
And its not until thirty when they realize
That they can't claim bankruptcy!
And finally, when they turn seventy,
They have no social security,

They tell you what they're trained to tell you,
And little do you know, what will follow...

Whether its the path of parenthood, jail and rehab,
an STD that you cannot reprieve, or a debt of 100 Gs that
can only be paid over the course of an eternity!

The best education, is the education of life.
Not the textbooks that the rich and priveleged write.

An education they do not give,
The education on the proper and responsible way
Of how to live.

The world is cruel,
And worse yet,
Society dunks their heads...
Into an endless spiral..
Of what to take, and what to give
Who to listen to,
And how to live.





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