Dear Applicant

Dear Applicant,

In no more than 250 words,

please tell us what makes you brilliant,

and don’t make the all too common mistake of sounding arrogant

Suggested topics include, but are in no way limited to,

libraries built in developing nations, or campaigns to save the Kangaroo


Now, I’m not averse to Kangaroos

But with a little aid of my own I think I could use, some

help with writing all these essays

Three hours later, still rather messay

I’ve done that, and I can do this

But I’d really rather not self-reminisce


It’s not as though I couldn’t write about tragedy

my life’s had one or two a malady

But, compared with all the sorrows in the world

Every problem quickly unfurls

To the point where I’m covered with the string

That once blindfolded me and stopped me from seeing


I understand you just want to know who I am

But the pressure to compress it to 250 words has caused a mental jam

is like a predator I’ve raised

that preys

on the rays of hope that lift my gaze

to look up earnestly and find the right phrase



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