Collectively Responsible


Don't you realize what you're doing?

This pot of disaster you're brewing?

We make scientific advances with new toxins

and decided to proceed commercial use without caution.

"We only release a little" said the industries

Turns out a little has a lot of contigencies.

Fish fresh from the lake?

Eating it would be a mistake.

The PCBs, and POPs?

those words mean nothing to me

until the poison runs through my blood stream

and I feel naseated and fatigued.

Dogs pee on the fire hydrant,

cats rub themselves and leave their fragrance.

We all leave are mark some way or another

But the mark humans leave, is worse than no other.

Don't start what you can't finish,

The chemicals will take forever to diminish.

We can help with cleanup

and getting rid of the build up

It's not just the industries responsibility,

so the government and the people shouldn't just sit angrily.

The aftermath of the leakage belongs to the human race

(though working together is commonplace).

Collectively we can accomplish

the cleansing of chemicals and replenish

the balance of nature that we destroyed.

and maybe in the future we'll try to avoid

acting first and thinking later on.

Then so many mistakes will be forgone.


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