A Womans Right (spoken word)

Stop...Pause...and Think...

Theres some thing about a womans beng

There something about the way she thinks

The way she sees

You can't tell me God isn't real

Just look at these beautiful queens

But...there's one thing bothering me

Why do us men give women less then they deserve?

Why is the only thing we want from them are ther curves?

Why the one thing we should honor we hurt?

While they ask for respect

We swtch it right back to regret

Disrespecting the love they know they felt

And the onethey earned to get

We make it evident

That this love aint relevant

What you think you feeling

Better stop feeling it

Because some guys have sneaky crevices

And the lies they just never end

And i'm like lawd...

Some dudes just give us a bad name

And its a shame

That these woman play these pimps and thugs game

Again and again

Even when we say the same ole thang

We take the blame

All aboutthe ladies and fame

At least that's what we think

Leave faster than a blink

Because we just can't commit

Disappointed you catch a fit

Because love is what you thought you would get

It's sad to see these queens stooping down for thugs

Just for a kiss

For a hug

For love

Why settle for a peasant

When you can have a king

Then you get mad

When that dude wanna flee

But you knew what you got into

Stop tryna fel accepted

You don't have to be seen

You see

There are gentleman

Who could really care less of your outside looks

Who'll protect you from the crooks

And are involved in those books

So they can support you

And care for you

Love does exist when due

Chris and Usher said try something new

Because woman have power to

A virtuous woman is a beautiful thing

Don't lose it for a man after your goods and bling

Put up a fight

Because a womans right

Is just the right thing

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