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It’s ok to be green or red or blue It’s ok to be happy or even sad too It’s ok to be anything that you want to But most of all it’s ok to be you  
If I had a nickel for every embarrassing or ridiculous situation that I somehow squeezed myself into I would definitely have a few nickels. A good example would be my class trip to Washington DC when I was a junior in high school.
"Your smile fades  As you look away I see the broken pain That is causing me shame Why couldn't I see What was pointed out so clearly I went looking for trouble  But it was right in front of me
"They see my scars They see my eyes Look past my skin It's just a disguise It tears me apart  A shot to the heart To see you look through me You call, but not to me Call me names
       You ask me if I'm sad;I tell you I'm ok.You ask me if I'm mad;I tell you I'm ok.You ask me if I'm happy;I tell you I'm ok.I fake a smile everyday;To show you I'm ok.But deep down inside,
You love my food, but you add salt.
  Tired of winters And swollen rivers Chests heaving People leaving                 Want to sleep Maybe for weeks             Need to sleep Maybe for weeks
What we wanted to be so badly as a child Has slowly become reality What we yearned for with our friends, Creeped up on us without warning  I, was 5 small and blind to the world and life
 She cries into the nightAs she heads for the skyHer face is full of PainShe has nothing to gain. She cries herself to sleep
The style of learning is nowhere to be, In the 80's it was creative, the 90's was fun, the 00's became ingesting information, that was not learning, Students do not understand the ideas anymore,
In that momentdarkness had passedbut how long would it last?the shield of Sun was gaining-a sheer partition to it's raysthe Moon shifted her gazehiding behind stars that gleam
Things that were so large now seem like nothing at all When residents leave their shelters they can't help but fall Material possessions that used to mean so much Now they just need a loving touch.
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