' 'deep' 'mental health’; depression ; death ; imagery ; suicide

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Life is a mountain, child, Just as it seems like you are almost to the top there is always more to climb.   And yes life is hard that way,
By the grave I saw the storms When I thought of suicide. Suicide - tormentor of my dreams, Ripping me apart.   I sat in the grass
I just want to slit my wrists. I just want to slit my throat. I just want to feel my life drain As the pools of blood collect.  
A fiery flame is hard to tame. But all in all, mesmerizing the same. The bright, big flame lights up my eyes. The burning ash that flies and flies.  
Maybe it’s time I disappear, Maybe then things will become clear.   Nobody cares and I know it well, Maybe this is my permanent Hell.  
5am  She gets out of bed she makes coffee just to last 4 more days then she can nap As she goes to school with dark under eyes and a mask
She looked over the edge and said “This is the perfect height to make it all end” But she collapsed to the floor before she could do anything harmful.
She looked over the edge and said “This is the perfect height to make it all end” But she collapsed to the floor before she could do anything harmful.
you left me when i was fourteen. After 5 years of being alone, i met you cam. then not even six months later you passed.    suicide isnt beautiful. And no, i wont say its depressing and i wont say its scary.
You know I used to keep a list of reasons to stay and reasons to go. A side effect of of mixing OCD with Depression, like putting a red sock in the dryer with white underwear.
I'm fooling myself in this game called life, so I go to pick up a knife. Why does being happy have to hurt?   While I'm trapped inside this prison of pain, my eyes slowly begin to rain.
He stands one hundred feet above ground, on top of some  abandoned building; perched on the edge of life.   His Arms bend in wicked ways, and
 it's a scary place,  no place is scarier than the mind.  horror displayed on the face  is produced from the horror you find.  you're your own enemy  you're your own friend  you're the only one who can bring it to an end.   the river of thoughts y
  At sixteen, we start to take shape, solidifying morals, values, goals. Bodies changing: gaining weight —
Skipping beats of life she took pills to proceed with her lies without truth byt Believing them is finished Pages turn until they're No more...
"Just do it..." her head speaks two languages Move on or give up... Meeting reality with  punches against walls
Salty water traveling to her cheaks proving their words correct Falling deeper into DARKness masked by blankets and pillows
Girl unsure-destiny holds her grabbing her tight, leaving stains to remind her she's unnecessary
There was A boy not long ago So broken inside  Damaged from head to toe Something inside him had died   When he looked in the mirror He couldn't be found Death seemed so near
Humans see the world full of cheer and bliss, I see it much more than this. I believe the world is nothing but an abyss. Then at the very end you just give in to death's kiss
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